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The Vibrating fluid bed dryer that exported to Turkey has been delivered

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The Vibrating fluid bed dryer that exported to Turkey has been delivered

The ZLG6×0.45 Vibrating fluid bed dryer that exported to Turkey has been delivered to client. This machine is used for drying salt, and the main parameters are as follows:

1. Initial moisture:4%

2. Final moisture:0.3%

3. Capacity:2000kg/h

4. Inlet air temperature:200℃

5. Outlet air temperature:80℃

6. Heating source:Natural gas

7. Material:Contact material parts as SUS316L and other parts as SUS304

Vibrating fluid bed dryer is widely used for operation of drying, cooling powder and granule materials. Material is fed into the machine from feeding inlet, and moves forward continuously along with the level of fluid bed under the action of vibration force. Hot air passes through fluid bed and carries out heat exchanging with damp material. Then the damp air is exhausted out by exhaust fan, some fine powder is collected by cyclone separator and dust remover, and dried product is discharged from discharging outlet. It has the following features:

1. Bed plate adopts laser punching, it can avoid the deformation in common punching process effectively.
2. Bottom bed adopts stainless steel seamless tube for supporting, the structure of bed is more stronger and make the life of equipment longer.
3. Material is heated uniformly, heat exchanging is full and drying intensity is high. Energy can be saved about 30%.
4. Fluid state is stable, there is no phenomenon of gap or blowing out.
5. There is less damage to the surface of material. It can be used for drying material that is easy to broken. The work efficiency is not affected even if the granule of material is irregular.
6. Adopts full sealed structure. It effectively avoids cross infection between material and air, the operation environment is clean.

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