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The FZH-2000 Bin blender and pharma bins have been delivered

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The FZH-2000 Bin blender and pharma bins have been delivered

The FZH-2000 Bin blender and pharma bins that made by our company have been delivered to domestic pharmaceutical factory client. 

The parameter of the FZH-1000 Bin blender is as following:

1. Total volume: 2000L

2. Max loading volume: 1200L

3. Max. loading capacity: 600kg

4. Power of motor: 7.5kW

FZH Bin Blender is mainly used for blending granules and granules, powder and powder, granules and powder in solid dosage production. The equipment features steady running, stable structure, large capacity and high mixing evenness. It is the ideal in pharmaceutical factory for final blending. And it is also widely used in food and chemical industry.

This equipment consists of machine frame, drive system, control system, and blending hopper, etc. When working, first load the material into bin and then lock the bin cover. Set the blending time, blending speed, and start the control system, the blending process begins. When reaching the set blending time, the equipment will stop automatically, and the blending process is finished.

It has the following features:

1. Intelligent PLC control system, it is very easy to operate.

2. There is no dead corner inside the bin, so it is vey easy to clean. And blending process in fully sealed condition, there is no dust flying. It meets the GMP requirements.

3. The blending evenness can be 99% and loading coefficient can be 50%~80%

4. The blending speed is regulated by inverter. There is no vibration when the machine starts or stops, so it is very steady.

5. Discharge butterfly valve has special device for avoiding misoperation, and it is detachable and easy to clean.

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